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Parents whose teens and tweens use smartphones find themselves in a state of constant siege. Daily national news stories remind of us all of how kids are bombarded by bullying, profanity, nudity, sexting and more on their smartphones.  The list of internet threats to teens and tweens only continues to grow.

Instant access to Cyberspace via smartphones has dramatically changed parenting, and parents worry and wonder what they can do about these complex problems.

In response to these threats, a couple of dads who saw their teens engulfed by their smartphones for hours every day said “enough is enough”.   They set out to develop an app that is so technically advanced that it can lean forward into the swarm of new teen apps coming at kids at an ever-increasing accelerated pace on the internet.   Social Judo was born, the app that uses the power of the internet against the power of the internet.

This app shows what current content is on a child’s phone,  analyzes it, and reports back to a parent if there is concerning content or even possibe danger.  This new app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scour the internet looking for new teen apps, studies them, and learns which kids use them and why they use them.  The AI component of Social Judo then brings that information back to the development team with ideas and suggestions on how to protect your kid from the dangers of these new apps without spying on them.

Dr. Matt Philips, a prominent brain surgeon in New England and the visionary behind the development of this new app said, “I want to help establish the paradigm of parenting children in Cyberspace”.  We parent at home, we parent on the playing fields, we parent at school, but in the one space our kids spend 5-6 hours per day, goes unparented and virtually unsupervised.

“It’s not your child that you need to be concerned about”, continues Philips.  He notes it can be the other kids your child interfaces with daily.  All it takes is one kid showing your child porn, or nudity, or explaining sex without love, and, once that has happened, you can’t take it back, you can’t un-see it.  In most cases, you’re not even aware this has happened.  Getting an alert sent to a parent’s phone that your child has been looking at or has been sent these kinds of messages or images is what Social Judo accomplishes, Dr. Philips calls it a “parenting moment”.  From the parent’s app on a smartphone, they can lock a child’s phone, making it impossible to continue to be bullied or sent this kind of material.

If you’re interested in talking about cyber bullying, the neuroscience behind smartphone addiction, teen suicide or “death by smartphone”, and a whole host of other subjects, then Dr. Philips, the new national expert on these subjects, would love to chat with you.  Like himself, he wants other parents to be aware of the dangers of smartphone use and abuse that our children are being exposed to every day.  Send us an email to “admin@socialjudo.com”



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