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What is Jailbreaking?  Social Judo does NOT require you to Jailbreak your phone.  Other competitors do.

Jailbreaking is, to modify (a smartphone or other electronic device) to remove restrictions imposed by the manufacturer or operator, e.g. to allow the installation of unauthorized software.
“In order to use these programs, iPhone owners have to jailbreak their device”

Our Founders

Founded in 2016 by two dads of teens, a brain surgeon and a computer scientist, the business has grown into a community of parents who use Social Judo to protect and parent their kids in Cyberspace. Our goal is to help parents across the world build a healthy balance within their families as their kids use Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Readers. We help parents with fresh ideas and knowledge and insights of the online world that their kids live in every day.
Social Judo is a leading provider of parental control software for Android smartphones, iOS (Apple) smartphones, iPads and Amazon tablets and smartphones. 

Technical Support

Our technical support analysts are combat wounded and disabled American veterans who work remotely from home providing a unique experience for each of our users. Many on our support team are parents themselves who use the tool on a daily basis. Please note that we set 15-minute appointments for training and implementation from 8 AM EST to 10 PM EST every day. Our support team has their own service animal, Scout the Wonder Dog who provides daily feedback to our support engineers.

Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program is designed to recognize contributions by participating parents who underwrite new Social Judo subscriptions at a reduced price for inner-city and active military families worldwide who request the use of our tool via scholarship. Social Judo provides scholarships to these parents on a first come first served basis. To apply for a scholarship to use our tool, please click here.

Connecting On Social Media

Parents can simply promote our product and our community of concerned parents on Facebook and other sharing sites with our banners, links or editorial content allowing other good families to enjoy the use of this app. You can view our marketing materials by clicking here.

Become A Social Worker Partner

If you run a parenting, tech or lifestyle website that you think would appeal to our audience, we’re especially interested in hearing from you and partnering as a team. Please note that we will not be able to accept any sites that are either unfinished or under construction, or that are not relevant to us as a business.
It’s easy to join our partner program. Simply follow these steps:

Partner Page

Sign up as a partner
Apply to join our partner program
We will then review your information.
Once approved, we can start working together to help parents get smart about their kids.

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