A Mother’s Struggle To Beat Pokémon Addiction

It’s ironic. A few years ago when my son was six years old, like most other kids his age he asked me if he could download Minecraft. My response? No way – it’s far too addictive. To his credit, my son obeyed my wishes and did not download Minecraft. Phew, I’d dodged a bullet – or so I thought. What I didn’t take into consideration was that he was in year one at “big school” now, and he was spending much of his time in an environment that I (as his mother) had little control over. My son had formed […]

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kids addicted to smartphones

Social Judo Reports: A New Study Suggests Smartphone Addiction Puts Teens At Risk For Mental Health Issues

Parents everywhere are concerned about smartphone addiction and a new study suggests they have good reason to worry. In 2016, Common Sense Media found that half of all teenagers said they were addicted to their smartphones, and we can all guess that when the 2017-2018 statistics come out, that number will be higher. In a blog post published this week on “Android Authority”, Tristan Rayner wrote the following: “A typical smartphone user checks their phone 47 times a day, with those aged 18-24 checking 86 times a day, according to a Deloitte survey. 89 percent check their phones within an hour […]

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Mom and Dad, Want To Know What Your Teen Says About You?

  In my practice, the most common complaint I hear from teens about their parents by far is that they just don’t listen. Kids for generations have reported the same problem; parents don’t get it because they don’t take the time or are too preoccupied to really listen. The specific topics of teen-parent discussions don’t seem to have much to do with this universal adolescent complaint. As a therapist who has worked with tweens, teens, and parents for over twenty years, I can write the script before either the teen or the parent tell me their stories. Here is the brief […]

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Real-Time Alert From Social Judo Has One Dad In A Panic

When parents get an alert from Social Judo that tells them their child is talking about something as serious as divorce, one of two things can happen: either the adults in charge seize the parenting opportunity, or they go into panic mode themselves. Brendan from upstate New York “I use Social Judo and I got an alert that my 12-year-old daughter was talking about divorce. My wife and I are talking about separating but have not told our kids anything, and truthfully, we do a really good job of keeping our problems away from the kids. How should we handle […]

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juul smoking evolved

JUULING: The Thing Teens Are Doing That Parents Have Never Heard Of

The trend of Juuling, or using JUUL vapes, has become very popular among high school students all across the country. JUUL is a brand of vapes or e-cigarettes and is uniquely popular, in part, due to its size. JUUL vapes look just like a thumb drive, easy to conceal and easy to use. Kids can charge these vape pens by using the USB port on their laptops and parents and teachers would never know that they were actually charging an e-cigarette. On its website, JUUL lists starter kits that include one rechargeable JUUL device, a four-pack of JUUL pods in different flavors […]

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musical.ly image

Is Your Teen or Tween Using The App Musical.ly?

  Sometimes I get really jealous of the technology and social media apps that kids today get to enjoy. Remember when you were a tween? Singing into a cassette recorder to your favorite hits, trying to assess and compare your vocal skill with Debbie Boon, Madonna, or Janet Jackson? As a child of the 80’s, I can’t think of anything that would have rocked my world more than an app like Musical.ly, with the exception of meeting Boy George or Michael Jackson of course. This popular smartphone app seems like the best thing since sliced bread, but let’s take a […]

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i'd rather watch a porno pic

FriendO: The New Social Media App Tweens and Tweens Are Using

  Over the last month, the new social media app, FriendO has skyrocketed to the top of the App Store charts and currently holds the #5 most downloaded social media app. FriendO is also a particularly popular among middle school-aged kids which make up 84% of its current users. There are a few things parents should know about this app, and as with all social media apps, best practices for parents of middle schoolers is to monitor what they are downloading so that you can do your own due diligence. The app says the following; “Sure, you’re a “friend”, but […]

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girl with anorexia

Do You Know Who Your Tween Daughter Idolizes?

A 13-year-old girl and her mother were referred to my office by their pediatrician. In his referral, he said that this child was significantly underweight and he had serious concerns about an eating disorder. After a few minutes of talking with this teen, I learned that her idol, the person she admired most and wanted to be just like, was a 60 pound 23-year-old YouTube star. Eugenia Cooney is a fashion vlogger (video blogger) and has 1,304,327 followers on YouTube, most of whom are tween and teen girls. This is not the only teen or tween I have seen who idolizes Eugenia, […]

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social anxiety and social media

Social Judo Reports, Is It ‘Normal’ Anxiety or an Anxiety Disorder?

Feelings of anxiety, often triggered by insecurities and the pressure to fit in, have always been a part of the adolescent experience, but today’s teens and tweens report a much more intense relationship with anxiety than previous generations. Most experts agree that social media is having a significant effect on the rising clinical symptoms of anxiety, but how can a parent tell the difference between normal anxiety and what is considered an anxiety disorder, requiring a clinical intervention? Is There A Link Between Anxiety and Social Media? Since the introduction of smartphones and social media, teens have been measuring their […]

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sexting on mobile

Social Judo Reports on Teen and Tween Sexting

Sexting? Concerned parents all over the globe are trying to figure out what to do to protect their children from the temptations that exist in cyberspace. The smartphone has become a tool that this generation of teens and tweens are using to explore their sexuality and to flirt with their peers. Flirting, while a seemingly innocent behavior, has taken on a new form; sexting. This has many parents concerned, and in some cases, it has kids and parents in legal trouble. One in five teenagers said that sexting, which is defined as transmitting sexually explicit photos, messages, or videos through […]

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