Smartphone Addiction: What Every Parent Should Know

  Is your child addicted to their smartphone? Are you wondering how you can prevent smartphone overuse before your child experiences any negative consequences? Do you think your teen is concerned about his or her own smartphone use? In over 20 years of private practice, I have yet to meet a parent who doesn’t share at least some level of concern about their child’s smartphone use, and there have been countless research articles and surveys which suggest the concern is widespread across every U.S. demographic, as well as in countries across the globe. Now, you may be surprised to hear […]

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Parents, Have You Heard About Mappen?

  Mappen is known as the Instagram for kids under 13, a place where they share pictures, their locations, and other information. The developers describe it as an app that “helps you plan your social life by showing you where friends are and what they’re doing so you can get together.” For example, it will show if you’re at the mall, or at a restaurant, then if other kids want to meet up they’ll be able to do so by checking the app to see where you are. Sounds pretty cool right? According to the developers, this is what Mappen […]

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Would You Know If Your Child Tried The Deodorant Challenge?

Dumb, dangerous, and strange trends hit the news more often than anyone of us would like to see, but keeping your head in the sand about the risks teens are taking can be risky and dangerous. As a parent, if you are thinking, “Not my kid, he is smarter than to try such a stupid thing,” you might want to think again. Even smart kids get lured in by the popularity generated on social media that comes with trying, recording, and posting themselves doing these crazy things, called challenges. Over the years, tons of online challenges have become trendy; the […]

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plastic surgery apps

Plastic Surgery Apps For Kids?

  Did you know that your child can simulate plastic surgery procedures like liposuction and nose jobs right from their smartphone? As just one example, the Beauty Clinic Plastic Surgery app features an array of animated characters that can be modified to create the perfect image. Critics say that these types of apps send the wrong message to kids and as a clinician, I completely agree. The kids I see in my practice don’t need one more thing that creates or perpetuates the illusion of physical perfection. The Beauty Clinic app is just one of many “plastic surgery” apps under intense […]

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mojiit 2 image

Mojiit: The Hot New Social Media App Many Parents Have Not Heard Of

Many parents are unfamiliar with the new social media app called Mojiit, but there are a few things about this new messaging app that every parent should be aware of. Since its release in January, Mojiit has become very popular among teens and tweens and it currently sits among the top 50 most popular social media apps in the app store. Chances are pretty good that your teen or tween is getting there mojii on, so here is what you need to know. What is a Mojii? Its website says, “mojii/ mo · jee / [noun] A stunning, 3D animation of […]

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snapchat fire image

Snapchat, SnapStreaks, Snap Map, and Sexting

Information published recently by JAMA Pediatrics should have parents of tweens and teens on alert. The authors analyzed data from 39 previous research projects, which combined, had 110,380 participants, all between the ages of 11 and 18. They reported that since 2008, sexting among tweens and teens has been on the rise, not surprising with teenagers, but 11-year-olds? Sheri Madigan, an assistant professor in the department of psychology at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute at the University of Calgary in Canada said, “The topic is of pressing concern for most parents, who are faced with the double threat of trying to […]

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to catch a predator

To Stop A Predator: What Every Parent Needs To Know

I bet many of you reading this have seen an episode of the Dateline series To Catch A Predator, but if you haven’t, click this link to watch The Best Of To Catch A Predator. The cameras roll while an undercover officer poses as an underage girl, willing to meet someone she has only met online, and that meeting is for sex, and yes, sex to take place in her family’s home. Some men travel hundreds of miles to meet a tween or a teen. With alcohol and condoms in tow, they are met with Chris Hansen, cameras, and public humiliation. […]

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mom over shoulder looking at teen watching porn

My 9-Year-Old Saw Porn! Now What?

Parents generally freak out when their child is accidentally exposed to pornographic material while innocently playing or surfing the web. Take, for example, a Dad in his early 60’s who had kids late in the game. He is cooking at home while his 9-year-old son is sitting in the kitchen and playing Minecraft on his Ipad. All of a sudden the Dad starts to hear noises……those noises, the porn kind of noises. He flies to the Ipad with not a second to spare as his immediate reaction is to save his son from the horrors of porn. Not too familiar […]

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The Tide Pod Challenge and Rob Gronkowski?

The Tide Pod Challenge is among the worst I have seen so far. This challenge is where teens and tweens attempt to consume a plastic laundry detergent pod while live-streaming, or recording it to later share on social media. What are the risks? Choking on the poisonous liquid by inhaling it Vomiting Seizures Changes in heart rate/blood pressure Burns to the digestive tract, mouth, and stomach Loss of consciousness The desperate need for social media ‘likes’ continues to trump common sense and logic for this generation of kids. Despite the warnings from poison control centers, the recent news coverage about […]

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A Mother’s Struggle To Beat Pokémon Addiction

It’s ironic. A few years ago when my son was six years old, like most other kids his age he asked me if he could download Minecraft. My response? No way – it’s far too addictive. To his credit, my son obeyed my wishes and did not download Minecraft. Phew, I’d dodged a bullet – or so I thought. What I didn’t take into consideration was that he was in year one at “big school” now, and he was spending much of his time in an environment that I (as his mother) had little control over. My son had formed […]

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