Chief of Counseling Andrea C. Difilippo

Andrea specializes in treating adolescents and adults with a career spanning nearly 2 decades.
Following 2 years of specializing in addiction treatment, Andrea opened her office in Marion, MA with the goal of treating adolescents and adults for a variety of mental health and behavioral issues. Her reputation as an effective, compassionate, straight-shooting practitioner led to the expansion of her solo practice into a multi-disciplinary, multi-practitioner office, serving the South Coast of Massachusetts and beyond.

Andrea’s practice is dynamic, treating adults suffering with depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, identity issues, relationship problems, substance abuse, phobias, and a number of other issues. However, her primary focus is on improving the relationship between parents and their teens. With parents, her goals include developing strategies to promote desired behavior; enhancing the bond of parent/adolescent relationship; teaching communications skills that positively change the family system; and to educate parents as to appropriate boundaries in balance with today’s technology as well as ever-evolving safety concerns. Her goal is to improve communication and trust while advancing the individual goals of the parent and adolescent.

Andrea’s work with adolescents involves a constellation of issues such as anxiety, self-esteem, appropriate social development, and communication with peers and adults. She works to ensure that every teen she works with finishes treatment with the tools necessary to succeed in the home, among peers, with education, and life.

When she’s not working, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as skiing, spearfishing and traveling.