Social Judo features include monitoring various cell phone activities

Text Message Monitoring

Profanity Monitoring

Messages sent – Messages received. Be alerted if your child is sending or receiving profanity. Powered by IBM Watson.

Call Monitoring

Teen Talk

Number Dialed, Date, Duration, Number of Caller Find out who they call, when they call, and how much time they spend on each call.



Profanity Alert, Geo-Fencing, Contact Alerts Get alerts when your child conducts some prohibited actions on the monitored device. Profanity, Geo-Fencing, Contacts, Intrusion and Custom Alerts.

Social Media Monitoring

Porn Monitoring

Monitor all messaging services used on the mobile phone. View smartphone web history.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

View a Map of Logged Locations Find out exactly where your child is. View a map of logged locations. Use Geo-Fencing to be alerted if your child leaves an area or goes to an area you have highlighted. Works where GPS signal is available.

Photo Monitoring

Bullying Terms

IBM Watson checks your child’s phone for bullying terms and alerts you in real time.


And much more!

One monthly price for up to six family members.

Parents Dashboard – The tool to help you be a smarter parent.

Gmail and YouTube Monitoring

Drugs & Alcohol

Be alerted if your child is sending or receiving texts about drugs & alcohol. Powered by IBM Watson.

Messenger Logs

Nudity alerts

Be alerted if your teen or tween is viewing or sending nudity.

Contacts Monitoring

Suicide Monitoring

Be sent alerts if your teen or tween is discussing suicide.

Application Blocking

Application Blocking

Remotely Block Any App Stop usage of all or some apps, including built in apps and downloaded apps. Whisper, Burn note, Yik Yak, Meet me, Skout, Omegle, Tinder, just to name a few.

SMS Commands

Radicalization Alerts

be alerted if your teen or tween is discussing radicalization terms. Powered by IBM Watson.

Live View

Live View – Coming Soon

View the Screen and the Instant Location of any phone you manage. Social Judo gives you instant monitoring allowing you to view the child’s cell phone screen live and view map of current location.

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