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Many parents are unfamiliar with the new social media app called Mojiit, but there are a few things about this new messaging app that every parent should be aware of. Since its release in January, Mojiit has become very popular among teens and tweens and it currently sits among the top 50 most popular social media apps in the app store. Chances are pretty good that your teen or tween is getting there mojii on, so here is what you need to know.

What is a Mojii?

Its website says, mojii/ mo · jee / [noun] A stunning, 3D animation of yourself
that you send to your friends in augmented reality. Messaging just got real.” 

Or, in other words, Mojiit is a social networking app where users create and share animated avatars using augmented reality. With heavy-hitting backers like the New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski and hip-hop star Waka Flocka Flame, this app is stacking up new users at record rates.

Click here to see a video of New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski and the CEO of Mojiit explain how the app works.

Mojiit users take videos of themselves which turn into an avatar which then can be dressed and styled however the user chooses. Then users communicate with their friends using the avatar. The avatar actually copies the users’ voice and movements from the selfie videos taken on a smartphone, pretty fun idea right?

What do parents need to know?

  1. Many teens and tweens are switching from Snapchat to Mojiit as their favorite social networking app
  2. Mojiit uses geolocation and encourages its users to go to nearby locations
  3. Any app with geolocation can be dangerous for teens and tweens. Strangers can find a child’s exact location just as their friends can, and if you don’t know what geolocation is, click here.
  4. On its website, Mojiit says the following; “When you set up a user profile on the Service, Mojiit may collect personal information, including your name, username, location, and photograph, and make this information public in order for other users to find you and recognize who you are.” Parents should be aware of where their child’s information is going and how others may be using it.

Since the research shows that 30 percent of teens use Snapchat because their parents do not, I imagine kids will apply that same reasoning when deciding which new social media app to start using.

Parents, you need to stay on top of the new apps your child is downloading and using, otherwise, how will you know if you need to intervene? How will you know if your child is contacted by an online predator? The answer is simple, you wouldn’t know.

Most importantly, every parent should know if their child is using an app that uses geolocation, and this new hot one, Mojiit, is among those that do.

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Andrea Difilippo is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, nationally recognized parenting expert and Chief Parenting Officer with Social Judo.