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Most parents are selecting the “Insights” package to get phone/skype support with their subscription.

Insights Package

$14.95per month

  • Basic Package +
  • Phone Support
  • Skype Support
  • Free Remote Set Up


$59.95 (plus shipping, handling, and taxes) then $24.95 per month

  • Insights Package +
  • Prevent texting while driving
  • Vehicle motion activation
  • Keeps your teen safe

A few questions about our pricing packages

We have a solution for you and your family.

How does your billing work?

You will automatically be billed every 30 days.

What is the difference between your basic and Insights packages?

Both packages come with all tools and integration.  The Insights package comes with premier phone and skype support.

Prevent Texting and Driving for Apple iOS & Android

Our distracted driving solution is an Apple App Store approved solution and a Google Play approved solution that delivers true policy enforcement on all iPhones 4S and above. This includes the new 6 and 6 Plus, and all Android phones as well.

Is Social Judo in other countries yet?

Good question.  We are in negotiations right now with a dozen other countries.

Why do you want my child’s birthday?

Our tool will only work for phones that are within your plan and are directed to stop working by date when your child reaches his/her 18th birthday.

I see that all of the social media that my daughter uses is included in Social Judo, will there be an increase when the next best teen app arrives?

No, we will not increase our price with the release of new social media apps.  We currently review all of the social apps known to us that most teens and tweens are using today, and, we keep finding and adding new ones all of time.

My son uses a windows phone, do you support that operating system as well?

We do not support Windows or Blackberry phones at the moment.

Do you offer discounts to groups or schools?

Yes, we do, contact support and one of our sales representatives will outline all of our plans to you.

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